FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely NOT. Science has demonstrated that simply spending time at altitude has a whole range of positive effects on the human body – including weight loss, lower blood pressure and a boost to the metabolism. Training at (simulated) altitude is also helpful, though not mandatory, if you want to make the most of these effects.

Our AIMORO technology can basically be set up and installed in any room of your choice, or even in multiple rooms at the same time. However, faster results and positive effects on health can be obtained in rooms where you regularly spend longer periods of time.

That depends on the target altitude and the size of the room. Since our AIMORO technology has been designed to deliver exceptional performance, the maximum height (3,500 m for home installations) is reached in around 70 minutes. Lower altitudes, which are most commonly used, can therefore be reached faster, e.g. 2,000 m in just 30 to 40 minutes.

Not necessarily. However, it is important to note that the system has to work continuously to balance out or counteract the fact that windows are open, so as to keep the target altitude as constant as possible. To ensure that the altitude is maintained accurately, we recommend that you air out the room with fresh air before and after use, and keep the windows closed for the duration. Please note that our AIMORO technology filters the air in your room, which means that it is much cleaner than the air outside (which also has a positive effect on certain allergies).

From the time you place your order, it takes approximately 8 weeks for us to order the components, create your personalised installation plan and install your system so that it is ready to use. The actual installation work by the engineer team usually takes four days.

Our engineers generally aim to keep the look and feel of the overall room exactly as-is. Much like an air conditioning system, the only additions are a few air vents (on request in your current wall colour, of course). As well as the air vents, a small touch display lets you easily control the AIMORO system and comes with two sensors to measure the composition of the air. These can be installed wherever you want in the room.

The 'best' altitude depends partly on your physical condition and partly on what you want to achieve. We therefore recommend that before using the AIMORO technology for the first time, you arrange a consultation with an expert from our medical team or reach out to your own preferred sources of advice. Of course, we also provide a general training plan to help you get to grips with the system.

Once you have set the altitude that is best for you, it takes just one or two nights for you to notice an increase in your overall energy levels, as well as to feel mentally and physically stronger. After about a week you can expect to see a measurable improvement in performance, which is generated by the ongoing stimulation of your respiratory system and a gradual increase in red blood cells. Switching between activation at night and relaxation during the day starts to slowly reduce blood pressure. Other positive effects become noticeable – of course depending on the individual – after using the technology for at least 3 weeks.

When you place your order, we will usually send you general recommendations on how to use the system, as well as a general training plan. On request, our medical specialists will be happy to work with you to create a personal training plan.

Absolutely. Our specialists are available to provide help and technical support following your purchase. They are usually available to answer questions from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. We also issue regular updates for the AIMORO software whenever newer versions are available.

Yes, there have been many studies around the world on the positive effects that altitude has on the human body. The key factor is the composition of the air. Our AIMORO technology is based on simulating the exact air composition that is found at various altitudes.

You can easily test out the positive effects of spending time at altitude by taking a long vacation in fresh mountain air at an altitude between 2,200 and 2,500 m. Or, you can contact us directly about a non-binding test run of the AIMORO technology.

Firstly, we would ask you not to overestimate your abilities and to start with moderate altitudes. You can then start to gradually increase the altitude over time. Please make sure that you read and comply with our recommendations or your personal training plan. If you have any concerns or especially if you have existing health conditions, please ask your GP for advice. The AIMORO system also contains several automatic shut-off mechanisms that activate, for example, if a preset target concentration is exceeded or if a sensor fails. Additionally, in this case the system automatically draws in air from outside.

Our medical expert, Prof. Dr. Fischer, also adds: "As long as you are not sleeping at an altitude higher than 2,438 m, the risk of side effects is no greater than if you were taking a long-haul flight. After all, that is the maximum permitted internal cabin pressure altitude for passenger planes."

Each system is tailored to your specific requirements. As such, the power supply needed can vary. The technology unit and climate air system together need an area of 2-4 square metres (e.g. a small utility room or storage cupboard), from where the air supply lines can be fed into your preferred room. This requires a power supply. For an AIMORO system for a room covering 20 square metres, this is approximately 11 kilowatts and 400 volts.

Unless your GP or doctor has advised you against spending time at altitude (in the mountains) for health reasons, you are unlikely to experience problems. Our AIMORO technology does no more than simulate the air composition of mountain air at various altitudes – without changing the air pressure, unlike real mountain altitudes. The air is also filtered, which means people with allergies will enjoy additional positive effects since the air contains less pollen.

At altitudes higher than 2,000 - 2,500 m, our bodies have to react to the lack of oxygen resulting from the lower atmospheric pressure. This reaction is basically a stress response leading to increased respiration, a faster pulse, increased cardiac output, higher blood pressure, and ultimately an increase in the basal metabolic rate (energy that the body needs to keep functioning at rest). This stress response allows the body to adapt to the lack of oxygen and, after a while, to tolerate it without any problems.

The key to achieving the positive impact is the scope and duration of this lack of oxygen. In the long term, regularly switching between a lack of oxygen (at night, while sleeping) and sufficient oxygen during the day produces a significant improvement in altitude tolerance (= acclimatisation), as well as lower blood pressure, better physical performance and weight loss. Levels of other stress hormones, including insulin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), are also reduced, which in turn lowers your risk of diabetes and hyperthyroidism. After a longer period, you will also experience an increase in red blood cells, which improves the body's capacity to transport oxygen.

We now have more than 15 years' experience in this (niche/speciality) market. Over the years, we have worked constantly to develop our system technology. Our planning engineers and installation teams are based in Germany. We only use high-quality, reliable and tested components to manufacture our AIMORO systems. These are sourced almost exclusively from high-wage countries in Europe, including Germany. Quality and safety are our top priorities. We also work with scientific, medical experts to achieve the optimum impact on health and prevent any adverse health effects from the outset.