Aimoro system

healthy air in 3 steps

das aimoro-System

Aimoro system: Do you want to take your personal or the health and fitness of your family, your customers, patients, employees or athletes to a whole new level with an AIMORO height system / germicidal lamp system desinfection and actively use the findings of science? Regardless of whether your AIMORO system is to be used in the private - e.g. bedroom, training room - or business / commercial area - e.g. hotel, wellness facility, clinic, performance center: With the following 3 steps we will find the solution that is best for you in a timely manner suits you, your starting position and your goals.

Step 1 - Orientation

Get in touch with us, request further information and references, exchange ideas with our team of experts and tell us about your sporting and health goals and hopes that you associate with an AIMORO high altitude area or our germicidal lamp system. It is very important to us to get to know you and your environment personally as quickly as possible and to get all the information relevant to the planning. 

Step 2 - customization

In coordination with our medical experts and our experienced engineering team and in accordance with your specific goals, we will provide you with a detailed implementation proposal on how AIMORO can be best and most effectively implemented for you and what costs would result for you.

Step 3 - implementation

Once you have decided on your individual AIMORO height system or germicidal lamp system, the installation date will be coordinated with you and implemented by our engineering team as quickly, smoothly and trouble-free as possible. Even after installation, we will of course remain by your side and are available for you. 

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