Altitude training with LionDATA altitude installations

The positive effects of a stay at altitude (in the mountains) have been known since ancient times. Over the course of centuries cures at altitude for the treatment of diseases, to increase well-being and for faster regeneration have been recommended with increasing frequency. - And since as far back as the early 1900s it has been known that training at altitude leads to enhanced endurance and performance in top level sport because a multiplicity of positive reactions and processes are triggered in the human body. Further positive effects are improved mental performance as well as weight loss and anti-ageing.

Which factors are different at altitude?

There are two factors in the main that make a difference to training or staying in normal locations – air pressure and the composition of the air. Studies have shown that the decisive factor in the positive affect that altitude has is the composition of the air and here the most significant part is the reduction in the oxygen content.

What happens when spending time and training in LionDATA altitude installations?

After a certain time staying and training at altitude the body adjusts to the reduced oxygen content by producing more red blood corpuscles (erythrocytes, from the ancient Greek erythros "red" and kytos "hollow vessel"). These are the most common cells in the blood and serve inter alia to transport oxygen. As a consequence, the higher number of red blood vessels increases the capacity to take up and transport oxygen thereby ensuring cells are better supplied with oxygen. The improved oxygen supply means that all the body's cells receive more energy. Muscles are clearly better perfused, stamina increased.

These effects are not only very useful for increasing a the performance of a top high performance athlete, they are also very advantageous for clinical treatment in respiratory tract diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

The positive effects of training at altitude are:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased physical performance in high performance and top level sport
  • Significantly faster regeneration e.g. after sports injuries
  • Alleviation of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease, …
  • Improved mental performance
  • Anti-ageing effect
  • Weight loss