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We are passionate about ensuring that you have the best possible experience with an AIMORO altitude room from LionDATA Healthcare - in terms of both your health and the harmonious integration of our proven technology into your life and your home, using our team of experienced engineers. Every person is different and has their own motivations for deciding to achieve "a healthy altitude" in their own life and that of their family. The positive impact of our altitude technology on body and soul has been examined in numerous studies and can be used as a reasonable prophylactic or to improve your current health and fitness, and also for the relief of existing symptoms. To ensure that your personal goals are suitably defined and achieved, you have direct and personal access, at any point in the decision-making process, to the members of our expert teams, who are all conversant in the many effects of altitude and can advise you and answer your questions competently.

External lecturer Dr de Waha

Die positiven Wirkungen von gezieltem Höhentraining

Cardiology & performance diagnostics
"The physiological effects of training under altitude conditions with reduced oxygen partial pressure are diverse and have been utilised in performance sports for many years. On the one hand, it stimulates the formation of red blood cells which, amongst other things, results in the training having greater effect with low physical stress. In addition, however, vasoactive and cellular processes are activated, which means altitude training is also of interest to the medical fraternity. These processes can be used in the prevention of illnesses, the treatment of various illnesses using complementary methods and in the field of rehabilitation."

Background: Specialist in internal medicine, cardiology & preventive cardiovascular medicine, DGPR. Member of the German Society for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research and the German Society for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Disorders. Medical Director in a private practice specialising in cardiology and performance diagnostics; former doctor at the German Heart Centre in Munich.

Prof. Dr. med. Fischer

Der Einsatz von Höhenräumen im privaten Umfeld

Lung and high-altitude medicine
"The use of altitude rooms in the private sphere can have many and varied positive effects on the human body. From a height of 2,000 metres, the body responds to the lack of oxygen due to the reduced atmospheric pressure and allows the body to adapt to it effortlessly after a period of time. The key to achieving the positive impact is the scope and duration of this lack of oxygen. In the long term, regularly switching between a lack of oxygen (at night, while sleeping) and sufficient oxygen during the day produces a significant improvement in altitude tolerance (= acclimatisation), as well as lower blood pressure, better performance and weight loss. Levels of other stress hormones, including insulin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), are also reduced, which in turn lowers your risk of diabetes and hyperthyroidism. After a longer period, you will also experience an increase in red blood cells, which improves the body's capacity to transport oxygen".

Background: Specialist in internal medicine in the branch of lung and bronchial medicine. Specialisms and primary scientific focus in the fields of mountain and high-altitude medicine, sleep medicine, allergology and emergency medicine, founder member and President of the German Society for Mountain and Expedition Medicine; Professor at the medical faculty since 2014.

Prof. Dr. med. Mellies

Das Schlafen in Hypoxie regt den Körper vielfältig an

Sleep medicine & pneumology
"Sleeping in a state of hypoxia stimulates the body in may ways and after just a short period of time (about a week) improves overall performance without having a negative impact on sleep quality. If you permanently sleep at a height, the body produces more red blood cells and blood pressure slowly starts to fall due to the constant alternation between activation and relaxation. A a result, a reduction in weight is also possible, also due to the higher basal metabolic rate during the night".

Background: Specialist in sleep medicine (somnology). Dr Mellies is a member of the following, amongst others: German Society of Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine, European Respiratory Society, German Society of Paediatrics, as well as consultant in sleep medicine and pneumology and acting Medical Director at a private clinic.

Dr. med. Schwickal-Melot

Altitude rooms can be used very effectively in orthopaedics

Orthopaedics, sports medicine
"Altitude rooms can be used very effectively in orthopaedics, such as with sports injuries and joint diseases. In addition, greater efficiency in the cardiovascular system can be achieved by training and/or sleeping in hyperbaric conditions during orthopaedic and surgical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can thus be significantly accelerated."

Background: Specialist in orthopaedics. Expert in the fields of sports medicine, chirotherapy and acupuncture. Specialism in the fields of minimally invasive pain therapy for disc and spinal column injuries as well as in arthrosis treatment. Partner in group practice in the field of orthopaedic pain therapy.

Arne Kube

Höhenräume können die eigene Leitung steigern oder die Rehabilitationszeit verkürzen

Orthopaedic pain therapy
"Training in a hyperbaric environment allows greater efficiency to be achieved with less strain. This gives athletes and non-athletes alike a very powerful tool to increase their own performance or to reduce the rehabilitation time after an injury."

Background: Specialist in orthopaedics and medical strengthening therapy. Specialisms in the fields of orthopaedic pain therapy, conservative arthrosis therapy for all joints and osteoporosis treatment Partner in group practice specialising in orthopaedic pain therapy.

Johan Munck Larholm

Das Schlafen und Trainieren in einem Höhenraum kann dir helfen, deine Ziele schneller zu erreichen

Personal trainer/fitness and nutrition expert
"For 10 years now we have been working with our holistic concept 'The Performance Retreat' with international high-performers (such as CEOs, Olympic athletes, Formula 1 drivers) to enable them to exploit their full potential. Oxygen and the proper handling of it is one of our central pillars to achieve the best possible physical and mental performance. Providing the body with enough oxygen will make you stronger overall and help you to make the correct decisions. Sleeping and training in an altitude room can help you to achieve these goals quicker."

Background: Born in Sweden and raised in Denmark, a former martial arts competitor with over 25 years of experience in the fields of performance sports and personal training/coaching. With his holistic training programme entitled 'The Performance Retreat', he lives with his family on Mallorca and helps international high-performers to achieve their goals.

Carlo Thraenhardt

Carlo Thränhardt

Member of the competence team & a fitness and mind coach

Background: Former high jump world record holder, key note speaker & fitness coach for the German Davis Cup team.

Lars Riedel

Lars Riedel

Member of the competence team & a fitness and mind coach

Background: Former Olympic champion and five-time discus world champion & key note speaker.

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