Fresh mountain air at home – feel better, naturally:

Natural weight loss and anti-ageing, rejuvenation for mind and body

The secret to natural weight loss without dieting, anti-ageing and better sleep: fresh mountain air at home leaves you looking young, beautiful and radiant for longer. With AIMORO from LionDATA, you will enjoy your life more and improve your performance – at home, at work, and playing sports. Your metabolism will receive a boost and all the cells in your body will relish in a more dynamic supply of oxygen. The positive effects of spending time in the mountains have been known since ancient times. AIMORO now lets you "lift" almost any regular room up to your preferred altitude so that you can breathe fresh mountain air in the comfort of your own home. Fantastic! – Just switch AIMORO on, select your preferred altitude and a short time later you will start feeling the soothing mountain air.


Fresh mountain air – positive medical effects:

There is scientific evidence of the positive medical effects that fresh mountain air can have on cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, blood sugar (diabetes), respiratory diseases and allergies. It improves general well-being, improves sleep, and relieves headaches, lack of energy and problems with concentration. Fresh mountain air at home is now available to an exclusive set of clients: AIMORO from LionDATA – health and well-being and a flourishing home.


Fresh mountain air and professional sport

Two things that have been inseparable for decades

The link between training in the mountains (at altitudes of e.g. 2,000 to 2,500 m) and endurance for top athletes has been systematically studied since at least the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico (held at 2,240 m). The researchers noticed that athletes who trained in the mountains demonstrate considerably better performance and are more successful. Scientific studies have revealed that the body produces more red blood cells at altitude. So oxygen is transported even faster to each cell in the body, which significantly improves performance. However, this effect tends to fade after just a few weeks. For years, the AIMORO system from LionDATA has been enabling top teams around the world to carry these positive effects over into their everyday lives, i.e. into their own training centre or home. So top athletes can enjoy and reap the benefits of fresh mountain air all year round.


More stamina
Better blood circulation
Faster regeneration
Metabolism stimulation
Weight reduction