Liondata Healthcare References and Testimonials

Selection of our system installations around the world

At home on multiple continents

Our system installations are spread across half the planet. The majority of the AIMORO systems we deliver are installed in Asia and Europe. China, Russia, India, Poland and Germany are just a few examples. The fact that we've successfully completed more than 70 rooms speaks for itself. Every year will see an increase in the number of AIMORO installations. So say our forecasts and the requests we're receiving from all over the world. Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a reseller.

Proven quality

We now have almost 15 years' experience in the (niche/speciality) market for simulating fresh mountain air in all types of rooms in medical centres, in professional sport and at home. Over the years, we have worked constantly to develop our system technology. Our planning engineers and installation teams are based in Germany. We only use high-quality, reliable and tested components to manufacture our AIMORO systems. These components are sourced almost exclusively from high-wage countries in Europe, including Germany, Belgium, Sweden and England. Quality and safety are our top priority. We also work with scientific, medical experts to achieve the optimum impact on health and prevent any adverse health effects from the outset.

Fresh mountain air with AIMORO

LionDATA AIMORO systems are used to improve performance in professional sports and in the medical arena to treat and relieve the symptoms of disease. There are also exclusive private clients who enjoy the fresh, healthy mountain air delivered by AIMORO systems, thanks to its anti-ageing effects or as an aid to weight loss – or as a boost to their physical and mental performance.