Made in Europe/Made in Germany

LionDATA Healthcare – Fresh mountain air everywhere with leading AIMORO technology

The LionDATA Healthcare brand stands for quality, reliability and security of investment in the development of high-end solutions for fresh mountain air in medical centres, in professional sport and at home. We develop sustainable products and solutions for the benefit of our customers.

AIMORO technology from Europe: innovative and leading-edge

AIMORO systems for generating fresh mountain air comprise unique, innovative features that make this technology a leader in its field. Planning and development of the AIMORO technology for the LionDATA Healthcare division mainly takes place in high-wage countries in Europe, including Belgium, England, Sweden and Germany. German expertise and engineering play an essential role in both development and production. And that's been the case for around 15 years. We are proud to say that we are 'Made in Europe' or 'Made in Germany', as most of the value created comes from there.

LionDATA AIMORO systems are used to improve performance in professional sports, and in the medical arena to treat and relieve the symptoms of illness. There are also exclusive private clients who enjoy of the fresh, healthy mountain air delivered by AIMORO systems, thanks to its anti-ageing effects or as an aid to weight loss – or as a boost to their physical and mental performance.

LIONDATA - Exceptional quality and proven technology

The LionDATA name also stands for highly reliable and system-critical components in other sectors: in IT, for managing complex server systems, for distributing and broadcasting AVX signals, in high-end player technology, and in construction with façade components and module solutions - LionDATA systems and components are developed and manufactured worldwide on three different continents. When it comes to developing LionDATA systems and their features, our engineers focus on innovation, reliability and robustness. LionDATA products are available in almost 100 countries worldwide and are in use at thousands of European, US and Asian companies. LionDATA technology is the market leader in many areas and is also available in the form of white label solutions.