Natural anti-ageing without surgery: the "fountain of youth" effect

at home in your bedroom

Natural anti-ageing without surgery

Natural anti-ageing without surgery – is that even possible? Whilst creams, operations and Botox are all attempts to treat ageing in a purely superficial way, natural anti-ageing has a far more profound and wide-ranging impact on mind and body: skin appears firmer, the body gets fitter, and the mind is capable of much better performance.

How is that possible?

Easy. The secret to a youthful appearance is in the air. Professional athletes and medical professionals have been using it for years, and now you can enjoy clear, fresh air just like you'd enjoy up in the mountains, in your own home! Regularly breathing in this special air composition boosts the body's own self-healing powers and really ramps up your metabolism. Natural anti-ageing without surgery – easily and exclusively with LionDATA. LionDATA lifts your bedroom up to heights of 3,500 m – and no-one will notice a thing. The room remains untouched with the exception of small air vents, much as you would find with an air conditioning system. That's all it takes. Healing, clear air can flow through your home and kick off your natural anti-ageing regimen. It's really comfortable too!

How does this positive effect come about?

Most cells contain mitochondria, often referred to as "cell powerhouses", which multiply and thus improve the energy supply as well as slowing down the ageing process (anti-ageing effect). Mitochondria are responsible for energy production inside cells. However, their effectiveness declines over time. This leads to the production of free radicals that speed up the ageing process. Fresh mountain air can play a crucial role in maintaining the number and effectiveness of the mitochondria at the highest possible level.

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Anti-ageing and science:

"Anti-ageing" is a term used to describe measures that specifically target the biological ageing process in human beings with the aim of delaying it and extending our lifespan. Anti-ageing covers a variety of methods and tools, from cosmetics and nutritional supplements to Botox injections and cosmetic surgery, and its effects are generally artificial. "Natural anti-ageing without surgery", on the other hand, can include breathing in fresh, healthy mountain air as you sleep. - It has long since been scientifically proven that fresh mountain air has a range of beneficial effects on the body. For example, the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Society for Alpine and Altitude Medicine used a study to analyse up to 200 parameters, concluding that a 3-week stay even at low altitudes of between 1,400 and 2,000 metres can induce a "fountain of youth effect", as well as improving cardiovascular function and blood sugar levels. However, this effect dissipates around 4 weeks after leaving the elevated altitude. To ensure that that cannot happen, you can now bring that holiday in the healthy mountain air into your own home.